Contessa Bridal Boutique: Top-notch customer services

Contessa’s garment makers are acknowledged for their unparalleled artistry in fitting bridal attires. Each alteration contains tasks such as shortening the length of wedding dress, adjusting size of bridal outfits and measurements. However, additional charges have to be paid for tailoring and alterations like placing crystals and fabrics. Contessa does provide a special offer by pressing gown and wedding dress for major events at a fixed rate. Wedding dress boutiques are kept at one of their storage rooms with optimum care.

Enzoani Wedding Dresses

Enzoani ventured into the bridal fashion industry in the year 2005. Ever since its inception, they have quickly gained popularity and world-recognized brand. Unlike other brands, Enzoani collection has a long lasting elegance and they are meant to compliment the flagship label Enzoani.

Enzoani wedding dresses are epitome of grace, confidence, romance and elegance. These attires are meticulously designed and curated with gowns thoughtfully manufactured to bring out top quality finish. Enzoani has been providing a wide range of couture wedding outfits such as sleek silhouettes, full A-line wedding dresses, stunning illusion low backs and long lace trains.

Enzoani wedding collections provide couture gowns with contemporary styles, stunning fabrics. In addition, it lays emphasis on shape at a competitive rate which appeals to brides. Details are rich in each gown including intricate hand-beaded Swarovski crystals as well as hand-pleated skirts. They do offer extensive black label collection exclusively for red carpet events. Enzoani also offers special occasion and bridesmaids’ line.

Alteration of wedding dress boutiques

Timing is very crucial in order to execute alterations. Those who have bought wedding gown much earlier, it could not be an appropriate fit. Chances of gaining or losing weight in the interim could have a major impact on overall appearance of outfits. On the contrary, purchasing gowns at a later stage would enhance risk of getting less time to alter attires. As a result, it is highly recommended to make necessary adjustments two to three months prior to wedding date.

Pressing and streaming a wedding dress

At Contessa Bridal Boutique, bridal outfits are handled by treating it with maximum care and attention. They are committed towards offering impeccable customer service in cleansing the wedding dress. It is examined in detail before commencement of cleaning process. Later, presence of stains is completely removed manually. Attires are inspected again to determine if additional treatment is required.