Saiid Kobeisy

Saiid Kobeisy gives expression to every facet of the modern-day woman, from her fearless ambition and passion, to her riveting charm and strength. Weaving in inspiration from faraway cultures, the house’s works are a striking mélange of opposites, where the modern meets the classic, the sensual softens the bold, and the unexpected twist makes a lasting impression.The brand’s hypnotic and ethereal creations have seduced women the world over, landing in more than 35 countries.
Their global appeal is a testament to Saiid Kobeisy’s innate flair for beauty and creativity, which he has devoted himself to since the age of 15.Never failing to introduce iconic pieces to the fashion world, the House of Saiid Kobeisy presents 3 much-awaited haute couture, ready-to-wear, and bridal lines. 
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