There is one unbreakable rule when dressing up for a formal affair if you wish to honor your host, the event and yourself, and that is to embrace glamour even if it means that you need to leave your comfort zone. As you may know we do have a vast selection of extravagant evening gowns at Contessa Bridal, but how does one pick accessories for such lavish dresses? Some general rules are to match or contrast colors for a well-composed style and you should decide whether the dress itself needs any striking, bold jewelry to bring more life to it or it only needs some small and modest pieces to compliment the glitz and extravaganza. But let’s look at some accessories that are essential to style a complete look.


High heels are a must at galas, weddings, formal events and you should only consider elegant, slender heels for a feminine look. If in doubt go for a classic black piece, but we encourage you to be more daring and wear something polished or with luxurious embellishments, especially if you are wearing a simpler one-color dress. Satin shoes are almost always appropriate. Check out the combination below. Aren’t they exquisite?

evening dress accessory blue

Clutch purses

Avoid larger handbags under all circumstances, they will ruin a graceful look right away! Clutch bags, however, will offer a more refined appearance. Make sure that your choice will add to your look and compliments the colors of your dress or shoes. This is a great chance to get creative and show your personality. Ornamented and bold pieces can make your appearance awe-inspiring. But let the pictures do the talking.



What better way to complete your style than to wear dazzling earrings? Make sure that they frame your face and suit your face shape. If you opt for a voluminous hairdo, balance it out with simple earrings, but with a hair pulled up in a classic chignon you can go for attention-grabbing statement earrings and make your style more exciting! Also, chandelier earrings will look gorgeous with a long flowing maxi-dress.

feather earrings


You should always adorn your neck tastefully. For formal events, actual valuable jewelry is preferable or sophisticated costume jewelry. Keep in mind the all-time rule about embracing glamor. If you opt for a statement necklace tone down the rest of your jewelry and wear strapless, V-necked or off-the-shoulder dresses preferably in neutral colors. Remember that statement pieces are supposed to emphasize and add more dazzle, but you will need to coordinate your accessories to strike the right balance and send a specific message. If you are going for a prim and polished look, opt for pearls. Vintage and floral pieces will look beautiful with a romantic outfit.


Elegant hair pieces

In case you prefer modest, subtle dresses one superb way to finish your look is to wear a striking hair accessory. It is your face, after all, that should look the most radiant all night and a hair accessory can literally crown your appearance.