End is always the beginning of something new

2016 was a great year for Contessa and everybody involved. So let’s take a look what happened this year at Contessa and what to expect from us in 2017.
To be honest we started sharing blog posts late this year but now we are back on track and since the last couple months we have been consistent. Let’s take a look what we have covered here on the blog.

We shared with you 10 tips to wedding dress shopping. We talked about having a budget and how important are appointments with bridal boutiques. Read the rest of the tips here.

Then we shared what are the 5 outfits a bride might need for her wedding. Travel outfit, dressing outfit, wedding dress, after the ceremony and the ‘day after dress’ are all important. Read it once more here.

Lastly, we shared one important blog post about keeping a strapless wedding dress from falling. Read our 5 tips here.


We started off November by telling you about what is the difference between custom and ready-made bridal gowns. There are 3 important factors to consider. If you want to see what these factors are, read more here.

Then we made a huge list of evergreen wedding dress materials. From tulle to damask and everything in between… Make your wedding dress unforgettable. Read more about these materials here.

After that, we posted an interview by Sposaitalia Collezioni and you got to know better Mohammed and how he started Contessa. Check out the interview here.

Then we showed you how the Middle East combines tradition and modernity when it comes to weddings. Read more about it here.

Last but not least, in November we managed to introduce you to one of our partners from Barcelona, Spain. Read more about YolanCris here.

We started December on fire and showed off how Chinese pop star Jane Zhang got married in a Tony Ward dress. We are proud to have Tony Ward as our partner.

We talked about bridal boutique etiquette. The information in this post will simplify your wedding dress shopping process. Check out that post again if you need to.

Then we introduced in depth a true rockstar of fashion in Tony Ward. Read more about him here.

Lastly, we helped out bride-to-be’s to find the best wedding dress for their body shape. Read more about it here.

We also talked about the trends of 2017. You can see what Sincerity Bridal, Lillian West, Justin Alexander and Tony Ward will bring to the table next year.

Every end is sorrow but it is a beginning of something new. In our case is we have new collections coming your way.

Stay tuned and Happy Holidays!