This is a question that needs to be addressed first when it comes to buying a wedding dress

If you are looking for a wedding gown you may not be well off if you buy the one that looks good on the mannequin. As the ancient greeks said it: ‘Know thyself’.

Everybody is unique and every human body is unique. This means that everybody has a unique body shape that has its specific characteristics. When you are considering to buy the dress you are going to get married in you need to be aware what goes with your body shape.

So the question arises: What type of dress goes with my body type?

Let’s take a look at the main body types and figure out which dresses fit them the most.

1. Busty type

Women in this category have a larger chest than hips. As the lower part of the body is not well defined hanging dresses and straight line dresses are not recommended. The main objective is to bring the attention to your face and/or waist. Firstly, do not enhance your upper body look with a V-neck. Secondly, to achieve an hourglass effect choose a wedding dress that will bring out your hips. This will create more of a balance and draw the attention to your waist and hips. But the most important for busty women is to have a great supportive bra. The bra will help you with strapless and sleeveless wedding gowns. However, make sure the top is not too tight.

2. Pear type

It’s the opposite of the large bust. This means your waist is well defined and the hips follow a curvy pattern. If you are this body type you should consider a look that draws attention to the upper body. A v-neck or a heart shaped neckline will help to create a cleavage which draws the attention away from the bottom half of your body. Also, consider a wedding dress that has a darker shade on the bottom half and a lighter shade top. We recommend a strapless gown or an open top dress that draws attention to the chest. Consider a necklace as an accessory, also.

3. Apple

Women who fit in this category carry their body weight in the middle. This comes with an undefined waist. There are two types of dresses that will help you cover your apple curves. One is the empire waist dress that will draw the attention to your upper body. The second solution is an A-line dress that will help you disguise your middle.

4. Slender

This body type features a lean and clean physique from top to bottom. Brides who have this type of body should look at fitted dresses to accentuate their silhouette. We also recommend an empire waist wedding dress with accessories such as a belt, that creates a horizontal break. You can consider one-shoulder gowns that will create an asymmetric look. Usually, women with this body shape are tall and they can bring out the maximum from a full-length dress.

5. Hourglass

You would fit in this category if your chest and hips are proportionate. Usually, your upper body and legs are well balanced, also. Probably, this body type has the most choices when it comes to wedding gowns. We recommend a dress that will make your waist to pop out. This said, fitted wedding dresses, natural and accentuated waistlines all work well with this body type. Open necklines and V-neck tops look great and will boost your appearance.

6. Petite

If you are short then you fit in this category. Full-length gowns are not recommended for petite body types. Showing off your legs would be ideal but that is hard to achieve with a wedding dress. We suggest fitted gowns and dresses that hang straight. A dress with an asymmetrical top or v-neckline can help you draw attention to your upper body and keep the eyes away from the whole package.

We hope this guide will help you towards choosing the most beautiful and fitting dress for your big day.

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