Almost all girls picture their wedding day many times and the dream is usually fabulous. What we don’t picture is the exhaustion after completing that dream. I jotted down 5 practical suggestions about the planning to avoid exhaustion and frustration as much as possible.

I implore you to delegate!


You may be a person who has very specific expectations and may like to be in total control. Yet, planning a wedding drains you, especially if you did not plan big events before! There can be so many details that you cannot think of and that can surprise you. It should not be under any circumstances your job to imagine what can go wrong! No freaking out is necessary on your big day!
An experienced wedding planner and decorator can be ideal in this situation. You can avoid lots of mishaps with their help. Communication is vital both with your partner and the planner. Be clear when you outline what you imagined! Also, listen to your planner’s suggestions. You can reach dazzling solutions with your ideas put together.

Choose the setting and theme right in the beginning!


Choosing the ceremony room and restaurant is pivotal when starting planning. If you go to your dream restaurant, be prepared that they might be booked for the weekends one or two years ahead. Look at this as a chance to spend more time together with your partner. Have date nights at the restaurant and try out their menu. Talk about what gives pleasure for both of you and come up with a theme for the wedding. The theme can make a statement about who you are as a couple. Your guests will appreciate it if you bring flavor to the event and share personal memories.

Start fishing for an outstanding photographer!

Professional photographers can be as busy with their schedule as restaurants. So you may need to reserve their time quite ahead of time. Do not make compromises on this step. Pick someone who adds a depth to their photos and has an eye for the stunning! They should be able to capture the love and warmth of your relationship.

Fall in love with a dress!


Yes, we have finally arrived at the dreamy part! Allow yourself plenty of time to find the one and only dress! To feel fabulous the dress should match your personality and figure. The details should feel exquisite. Match your hair, bouquet, jewelry and veil to tell a story. The following two styles aim for different stories, but they both have nailed a complete look. The first dress is modern, lavish and dynamic, while the second aims for a more effortless, romantic look. Tell your own story!


Pamper your body so you can look radiant. Your make-up artist will appreciate it if you arrive with a hydrated, well-nourished skin for your session. Also, allow many sessions with your hairdresser to make sure that your hair looks healthy and glossy. The hairstyle should crown your face and dress.