If you are all for elegance and timeless beauty and wish to channel the marvellous weddings of royalties then you should definitely consider the following luxurious styles.

Waltz Veil


The waltz veil or otherwise named ballet veil is a traditional and elegant piece. If it is made of a lightweight tulle this style will be perfect for showing off the bodice of your dress. Since it falls somewhere between the knee and ankle it can help eliminate tripping fears.

Cathedral Style


Out of the traditional veils this one is the most magnificent. The following splendid veil features full corded lace edging and a blusher that has rolled sewn edge. The elegant hemline will ensure a grand entrance of the bride.



The circular, lace-edged tulle offers a very graceful, romantic appearance. This Spanish-inspired style is unexpectedly gorgeous and is best paired with a streamlined silhouette, allowing the veil to form a soft halo around the body.

The Halo Veil


The on-trend halo veil is the perfect complement any gown. Since this ethereal look drapes over your entire head and torso you may want to decide to wear a crown or headband with it to weigh down the veil. We love how it gracefully becomes part of the bride’s movement!


If you like different touches of updated silhouettes then modern veils are for you. These veils will help you channel your fashion-forwardness and personality.

Flyaway Veil


This veil that just brushes the shoulders is considered less formal than other styles. If you’re wearing a dress with a heavily embellished back, this simple style is the perfect way to wear a veil without distracting from your gown.

Glam Embellishments


To take your look to the next level, you need accessories that are anything but ordinary. A crystal-embellished tulle veil that features both circle and square-shaped crystals will enhance similar embellishments on your dress

Flirty Appliques


The following veil of two layers and of different lengths will add detail and volume to a simple hairstyle. To tone down a heavily embellished dress the floral appliques placed on a simple tulle are a perfect way to deliver a little bit of flirty femininity.

Double-Tier Blusher


Artfully arranged layers of tulle deliver demure sophistication. We love the modern edge a stunning blusher veil brings to a feminine silhouette.

Side-swept Veil with Bubble Blusher on top


Keep all eyes on you with a bold bubble veil that ends in a raw-edge side-swept veil. This accessory pairs perfectly with a stylish hairdo and a billowing gown or a heavily embellished streamlined gown. You can adjust the voluminous blusher to flatter your face or even add to your height.

1920-s inspired Tulle Headband

If you are a rebel and like to throw out the rule books, this stylish tulle headband is for you. It is effortlessly tied in a pretty bow on the side and will definitely give an edge to your final look.