First blog post of the year…

2016 was an amazing year for Contessa. Read more about it here.

2017 is going to be even more amazing. We just want tease you a little bit with some of the collections that are arriving in Contessa. For starters, we are going to have Tony Ward collections and all five brands under the Justin Alexander label.

Let’s begin with Tony Ward. He is a rockstar in the fashion world. He designs dresses for celebrities, beauty contestants, singers, actresses and the list goes on. This season he is going to bring us new collections. First, he will take us back to the romantic Shakespearean times and depicts Hermia’s character through his dresses. Then he takes us on a Fantasy escape where mystery and free spirit dominates.

Justin Alexander is the next designer house that will rock Contessa this year. We already talked about the Justin Alexander Collection and showed you a few highlights of the collection. We also mentioned Sincerity Bridal collection which pushes the limits of silhouettes and brings unique open-back designs to another level. The last JA label we talked about was Lillian West. This collection melds the classic and the modern. It embodies drama and glamour. Read more about the highlights of the collection here. There are two more labels by Justin Alexander we will talk about in the coming weeks: Justin Bridal Signature and Sweetheart Gowns. Keep reading the blog…

Stay tuned and follow the blog to find out what we have in store for 2017. We will uncover new and new collections as the year unfolds. Follow us and stay tuned in.

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