The wedding day is one the most magical days in one’s life, maybe the most magical of them all. However, the weeks before the big day can be so stressful and daunting that it can totally demotivate a bride.

One of the most stressful processes from all the preparations is wedding dress shopping. Finding the perfect dress is hard, especially today when you virtually have limitless possibilities.

To find the right dress on the first try is close to zero. Many brides try on five, six or even a dozen dresses and leave empty handed.

The internet is one huge open door, too. You can find wedding gowns of all types, shapes, and sizes. But in the end, it creates more confusion than clarity.
All this search, research, trials, window-shopping creates fatigue and in the end, can affect your motivation for dress shopping. So, here a few tips to make your wedding dress shopping easier, faster and stressless.

Know yourself


We talk about this concept quite a lot here at the Contessa blog. First of all, know your body type. What type of silhouette do you have? A pear? Busty? Hourglass? Petite? Once you know your body you can eliminate about 80% of dresses that will not look good on you.

One more important thing is to choose the best neckline that goes with your body type. For example, if you are short and want to create a taller look, go for the universally known V-cut neckline.

Know what you want


Once, you know what you want and what will look good on you… Congrats! You just saved some time and avoided stress. Next up, is to be inspired. However, you know what type of dress to search for so it will be that much easier.

First, we suggest starting online. Go to Pinterest and search for specific dresses. For example, search for ‘v neckline tulle wedding dress’. This way you won’t get overwhelmed and confused. You will find an endless amount of bridal gowns: with a veil, without a veil, ball gown, A-line, extra layers etc. Choose your favorite one based on the initial prognosis of your body type.

Secondly, call bridal boutiques in your geographical range and ask if they have what you need and book an appointment for trials. This way, you will avoid window-shopping and hours of miss fittings.



We talk about time a lot, too. Giving yourself time is essential to avoid unnecessary stress during the preparation weeks.

How much time do you need? Well, it really depends on what you want. But we can give you an estimate based on what type of dress you would like. If you want a ready-made dress you might need just small adjustments and need less time to get fitted. If you go the other way, a custom made dress created from zero takes up a lot more time, even half a year.

Time is key, so make sure you use it right.

We promise you will be ahead of 90% of brides who are just winging it. You will stay motivated, inspired and more importantly less stressed about wedding dress shopping.