We have all attended weddings where we have encountered embarrassing mishaps and unpleasant situations like forgotten but very much needed items, accidents because of the decoration, people who were left out of the seating chart, dress malfunctions or simply a boring party. It is quite a stunt to organize an event in a way that everything is spot on. Brides who are prone to vexation can soon find themselves close to a nervous break-down. This is mostly because of the fact that the planning of a wedding requires an overwhelming amount of detail and the goal usually is a perfect and dreamy day. There are a few key aspects one has to nail in order to have a pleasant celebration.


Try to decide in which season or month you wish to have the wedding, preferably let yourself at least 9 months to prepare for it.

Guest list


One of the first things that you can do is to jot down the name of the people you need to invite. Apart from who do you love most you also need to pay attention to most of your relations and aquaintances. Some of them would never stop grumbling if you did not invite them. Consult your parents and future in-laws to make sure no one is left out from the first draft. Writing a list from the start helps you to outline a possible budget and the size of the wedding


Before any actual planning can take place you will need to have a few dreams formed about your big day. This is the time to look at wedding magazines and Pinterest inspiration boards to visualize the possible themes and atmosphere of the wedding. Keep your mind open, but try to narrow down your favorite ideas. Collect and pin these images to refer back to them when needed.



Start planning with an estimated budget in mind. If you know your limit from the beginning you won’t let yourself fall in love with overly expensive solutions.

Who and where


Officiants, photographers, popular restaurants and ceremony rooms are usually packed with reservations for months ahead. This is why the location of the wedding has to be decided right in the beginning along with choosing the people whose time and service you need to reserve. Investigate online and read reviews to narrow down the selection quickly, then visit the remaining places and discuss their offer in detail. Make sure they are professionals.The services they offer can make a huge impact on how your guests will remember your party.

Decoration, clothes, invitations and accessories all in harmony


The last and most time-consuming step is to compose your ideas into a master-piece. You will need florists, seamstresses, jewellers, designers, confectioners, hair-stylers, make-up artists and musicians to help you set the tone of the event. Don’t be afraid to brainstorm ideas with them, you may stumble upon practical solutions. The key to success at this stage is asking for help.