We all picture our wedding day as something that is fulfilled with love and happiness and with an almost unbearable joy. And that is more than okay to expect! You should feel all that! What we need to also acknowledge is that regular life and practical stuff also happen and cannot be escaped. One still needs to keep appointments, greet the family, bear the wave of unsolicited wisdom and remain on schedule when almost everyone needs to discuss something vital with the bride. Just how do you return to the true purpose of the event when having a wedding ceremony seems more like a stunt than an actual celebration of two people joining their lives?


First, count your blessings!


Gratitude is a powerful state of mind. If you start your day with silently reflecting over the things that you are looking forward to on this new path, the small happy moments that you have already built with your loved one, then you will have a powerful start for a very busy day. Perspective is everything when the mundane constantly demands your attention! Take a few mini-breaks throughout the day to keep this perspective intact.

Keep your body in the best condition possible


Don’t go all bored on me when I say that stay hydrated! Coffee will start your engine for sure, but will only get you so far unless you actually drink healthy stuff like plain water or green tea. Your skin will thank you for it, but you will also be more energetic if you pay attention to this. A hot bath and a good deal of sleep the night before is also a must. If you have the chance make some time to bask in the sunlight before or during the ceremony. Vitamin D has it’s own tricks when it comes to recharging a person.

Surround yourself with the right kind of people

Happiness and energy are contagious. If you have this in the people that surround you the whole day, then you can actually let go of many worries and relax into the powerful significance of the day. Energetic people that are also optimistic in their nature can smooth out many mishaps creatively without anyone noticing it. Not to mention that you can do something silly with them and keep the merry upbeat.

Create an atmosphere


You will yearn to be able to connect with your partner during the ceremony and the celebration after. That desire cannot be fulfilled while you worry about technical matters. Therefore it is crucial that you create an atmosphere of energizing memories the whole day. What we practically suggest is to surround yourself with the physical reminder of your gratitude list mentioned above. Bring your favorite music that reminds you of your husband-to-be to your hairdresser. You can also decorate your dressing room with pictures that are dear to you.

Get a short date with your husband


This day is about the two of you! It is okay to escape the guests for a romantic walk nearby, share a few affectionate moments and make both silly and serious promises.