Do you know how weddings are in the Middle East?

When we look at a wedding in the Unites Arab Emirates or the Arabian Peninsula we end up having mixed feelings. This feeling is mainly attributed to the mixture of traditions the Middle East has. It is a combination of old traditions and a new hype trend. This mixture is clearly visible when it comes to wedding fashion, especially wedding dresses.

First of all, let’s take a look at the two main characters of a wedding, the groom and the bride. As of tradition, the newlyweds must wear new clothes. As a new journey begins the new couple must start fresh with new clothes. For grooms, it is mandatory to dress up in traditional clothes, called Bisht. While men have to wear old-fashioned, brides have totally different boundaries. As always, women are hunters of new trends and tend to follow the newest fashion. This is true to Middle Eastern women when it comes to bridal dresses. Usually, women prefer western or European style wedding dresses. The style of the bridal gown can vary as there are no limitations for women. If we look around the peninsula we will find all type of wedding gowns. We’ll bump into more traditional wedding dresses such as ball gown and A-line styles to more extravagant western style dresses. We are proud to say that we offer all kind of styles suited for any taste from traditional to modern and beyond.

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The marriage contract signing ceremony is very laid back. Only the newlyweds and two witnesses are present. Traditionally, this is a close circle ceremony that takes place in the bride’s home or in a hotel.

Three days before the big day the bride and her female friends come to gather for a party called Ghumra. It involves a lot of dancing and partying. Also, the bride receives henna paintings on her hands and feet by her friends. Grooms can attend the beginning of the party to take some photos but then they leave and gather with the other males invited to the party. Basically, Ghumra is the Middle Eastern equivalent of a bridal shower. Also, at the Ghumra the bride must be astonishing and extravagant. Usually, women prefer to buy a brand new evening dress for this occasion specifically. In this case, as well, the brides go for modern evening gowns. We are sure that any bride can find an evening gown in our designer collection.

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Finally, on the big day the there are two more parties; one for the bride and her female friends and one for the groom and his male friends. Similar to the fashion choice, men celebrate more traditionally. There could be hired performers who present traditional sword dances but the groom and the men will not dance or celebrate. On the other hand, the bride and the other women dance and party in western fashion.

As a conclusion, we can certainly say that Arabic men are more traditional when it comes to getting married while women picked up new western trends in both celebration and fashion sense. Tell us how are weddings in your region and leave your story in the comment section below.