Our partners from the Iberian Peninsula

Contessa is more than proud to present one of our partners all the way from Barcelona, Spain. Before we talk about their newest collection of amazing haute couture dresses, let’s look at how YolanCris become a worldwide sensation.
The name YolanCris comes from the names of two ambitious sisters: Yolanda and Cristina. They grew up surrounded by organza, tulle, and silk at the bridal store which their mother managed. Being surrounded by this environment is what gave birth to the idea of revolutionizing the bridal fashion. In 2005 the sisters decided to give rise to their dream by creating their brand aimed at authentic women. Since then, YolanCris succeeded to pull itself up as a brand of reference in the sector with an ever increasing national and international expansion.
What is the secret to their success? Every design by YolanCris is hand-crafted in their Atelier in Barcelona, where they select high-quality European fabrics and they study every detail minutely with passion. The fusion between a traditional sewing method and an innovative design closed to prêt-a-porter trends sign the magic success of these two sisters with constant and incomparable boiling talent. In 2015, YolanCris celebrated 10 years of haute couture, a 
decade fulfilling dreams and professional development. Yolanda and Cristina created their first wedding dress in May 2005, just one decade later they are making both bridal and red carpet couture collections previewed in Barcelona, Paris, and NY twice a year.

They managed to be a world leader with creations that year after year re-affirm their essential values. One critical value YolanCris always puts first is innovation. A keen eye for different designs that breaks out of ordinary but keeps the established bridal patterns. Secondly, high quality crafted product and values that have managed to conquer the world. The high quality of the raw material with an elaborate craftsmanship, using ancient techniques of haute couture, all from local production makes them recognizable all around the globe.
Now, let’s take a look at their newest collection of dresses.

The boho-chic line

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Based on fashion trends, casual and cool design. The bohemian chic line is where each design emanates freedom but in a more mature, calm and natural way. Savoir-faire, chic essence where YolanCris ID is recognized at first sight. Boho folk it’s understood as an iconic and timeless style, a trend for 2016. This style, folk bride, is interpreted through the superposition of different fabrics and original textures, creating a new world that draws a journey through different cultures. Contemporary silhouettes, modern, metropolitan style, generate energy and fresh dynamic silhouettes blouses and skirts. The craftsmanship of hand sewing with woven cotton guipure, linen thread rustic crochets and silk tulle wrapped in a journey towards a synchronous artisan balanced style.

Haute Couture line

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This time the journey is inward. The fineness and mysticism of the best European fabrics such as Chantilly lace, guipure silk, organza with hints of moharé mixing with classic fabrics such as silk tulle and fancy silver rhinestones forming floral patterns. This particle line takes the name of the new bridal collection YolanCris called, ORCHID. The most extraordinarily beautiful and unusual flower in the world. A flower with a great beauty requires time, commitment and attention. Comparably, YolanCris creates its wedding dresses, and this hard work, care and design study summarizes a decade of constant creation and quality sewing. Each dress is elaborated by haute couture ancient techniques and is made by measurement, adapted to each client, one by one, giving relevance to sewing and hand embroidery creating special parts of each dress. That’s the reason this haute couture bridal collection is totally unique. Romantic’s neckline cuts in V, low back with mermaid silhouettes, skirts with large volumes asymmetries with blouses look symmetrical borders contrast, modernity, and edge showing the new season trend.

We aspire to continue our collaboration with Yolancris and hopefully we will be able to bring to you one of the unique styles in the 21st century when it comes to wedding dresses.