Fantasy Escape

This season, Tony Ward invites us to a new dimension; a world full of dreams, magic and fantasy. The woman he imagines is a fairy queen, romantic yet mysterious and untouchable. Fascinated by the beauty, courage and passion of Lúthien – the “fairest elf who ever lived”, Tony Ward reflects her freedom on his designs.

The collection is composed of carefully selected fabrics such as lace, embroidered tulle, silk and organza, all of which are combined and recreated into new fabrics in an unprecedented manner. Patterns are reimagined; abstract flowers and elusive wings are beautifully handcrafted on the dresses, depicting a free-spirited woman.


Through the use of subtle pastel palette varying from angelic blue to powder pink and from warm yellow to the deepest of violet, the designer narrates a story of purity and emotion. He plays on transparency and volumes to deliver a truly enchanting collection.