We already talked about finding the dress. But some of you might wonder how one picks a wedding dress that without question suits them and brings out the most radiant version of them. We have gathered a few symptoms that may tip you off that you have stumbled upon the perfect design.

You suddenly do not want to try on any other dresses

Contrary to common belief not all girls talk in superlatives when shopping is involved, but we feel that The One and Only Dress should without question take your breath away and stir your emotions. The moment you look into the mirror the desire to try on more dresses vanishes. This is the time when even you talk in superlatives!


No, not on the dress! In your stomach, like falling in love again. If you start to experience that fluttering feeling, it is time to say yes to the dress!


Although, it is compulsory in Hollywood movies for someone to tear up on the wedding dress trials it is not so in real life. They may or they may not, but it is definitely a good sign if they do get emotional and touched.

The dress completes your story

With the right dress the puzzle pieces fall into place. It will reflect who you are and will remind your betrothed why he founds you stunning and irresistible. It fits the theme of your wedding, it feels right to wear it and gives you a boost of confidence.

You forget about the “flaws” that you have

We all have talked ourselves into not liking some of our features, and yet when a dress really compliments us and our personalities, those so-called flaws fade away into oblivion. Forgetfulness does not seem to end with this, though. As you see, once you have met the “One”…

…you just don’t remember to ask about the price

Irrelevant stuff when you just had an epiphany, right? 😉

Your hearing may be compromised

Yes, that too. You do not hear criticism about this particular dress. Some people will not have their “Aha!” moment about the dress the same way as you do. But that is okay! You will not hear any of it either way, because you know that the dress was made for you.

You can‘t stop thinking about it

Do not be fooled! You will not get much peace even though you have finally found the dress. You will long to wear the dress again and you won‘t be able to stop imagining how you will walk down the aisle in that gorgeous piece.

Your subconscious is also compromised

Should you manage to NOT think about the dress in every waking moment, be prepared! Your dreams will be filtered instead. It does not count as an obsession when you are a bride, though.

You can no longer control your facial expressions

Yes, this means that for a few days your muscles can do one thing and that is smiling! Thankfully, happiness makes you even more beautiful!