Bridal Hair Comb


The possibilities with combs are endless. They can come with small embellishments but can also crown your hair like an intricate vine if they are designed to be longer and more glamorous. It is easy to attach them to any number of hairstyles, therefore they are a popular choice among brides.



Flowers are associated with feminine beauty since the beginning of time. They go very well with a romantic look. You can opt for huge statement pieces like the one above for a more diva-like entrance. Combined with the birdcage veil a huge flower piece will leave a lasting impression. But should you prefer a delicate, feminine touch we recommend fresh flowers. Fresh flowers are incredibly versatile. You can turn them into wild and bohemian arrangements or pick more elegant variations. Either way fresh flowers will add to your beauty effortlessly.




The one day you get free reign as a queen is your wedding. For this very reason tiaras are extremely popular among women who wish to have a powerful, royal entrance and who have picked a luxurious, flowing style for the wedding dress. This is not to say that a more delicate piece cannot be worn with a simpler dress. The tiara looks ravishing with most hairstyles, bring an air of grandeur and will frame the face beautifully. Tiaras with more height will elongate the face, therefore ladies who already have longer shaped faces should be careful with those.

Halo Crowns


Gold vine leaf halos or laurel leaf halo crowns are very popular among those who wish to channel the bohemian look of Greek Goddesses. These go very well with vintage dresses. If your goal is a relaxed romantic appearance a whimsical floral halo piece will be a chic addition to your overall look.
This type of headpiece is sure to draw attention and can bring out the confident intriguing personality that you have.



Like tiaras and crowns headbands draw a lot of attention and frame the face elegantly. Just make sure to take them to your hairstylist on the trial appointment to find a hairdo that goes well with the style you have picked.



Strategically placed hairpins will enhance the chic effect that full volume messy hairdos bring to your overall appearance. They will add both dimension and sophistication to these modern hairstyles and therefore will compliment you greatly.



Veils are extremely versatile and can add a lot of drama when walking down the aisle. If you are a bride who prefers a showstopper appearance a regal cathedral veil is a must! Alternatively you can pick boho, modern blushers and birdcage veils to showcase your fashion sense. One can also use veils to add innocence to the overall appearance. Due to the numerous possibilities and styles all personalities can take advantage of this bridal accessory.

Barettes or hairclips

BARETTEcontessaIf you wish to balance a heavily embellished dress with a delicate hair piece then the barette is an ideal choice. Also when the hairdo is very elegant on its own and does not need a lot of enhancement you can pick this very simple and relatively small piece to add a little bit of sparkle.

Which of these eight options do you like the most?