Wedding dress shopping is a complicated process. It involves a lot of work and drains your energy. But if you manage it the right way there should be no problems and the process should go stressless.

So, how do you know if you found the perfect dress for the unforgettable Big Day? Let us help you out. Here are three signs that you got what you wanted.

It fits your silhouette and style


First of all, a dress should reflect who you are. Even though you would like a boho dress it might not be the best style for your silhouette. We talked about body shapes and silhouettes in other blogs but we want to mention it again. It is extremely important to have the right type of dress for your body shape. It will save you a lot of time and energy. Once you know yourself and your body and will narrow it down to a few styles.

You and only you, like it


When you are buying a wedding dress suddenly you get surrounded by a lot ‘“dress advisors”. Starting from immediate family, sister, mother, to wedding planner and the actual sales person at the wedding dress boutique, everybody will tell their opinion about your dress. Which is helpful to a certain point but it’s your dress in the end. It is easy to get tricked by third party opinions. We suggest to listen to all opinions but don’t take them to heart. At the end of the day, the dress is for You, not for the crowd at the wedding reception. You have to feel it and embrace it. We suggest you go to try on dresses alone, as well. You have to be 100% in tune with your dress. Be sure you buy the dress because you love it.

You feel free wearing it


The last sign that you have chosen right is that you feel a like a million bucks when you wear it. You have to sit and stand all day long in that dress. You need to dance and enjoy yourself. Make sure your dress is not a barrier in performing these activities. The dress should be your closest friend for the day. Do not choose a dress based on the looks and fits. It may fit you but if it has an itchy fabric you might not want to wear it all day.

We hope these tips will help you select the one and only dress that will make your wedding unforgettable.